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Discover the unique and stimulating experience of mate with our wide variety of products designed to satisfy your tastes and needs. Immerse yourself in the rich South American culture and enjoy this ancient tradition with every sip.

Traditional yerbas mate

There are a wide variety of brands and flavors of traditional herbs, each with its own particularity. Choose the one you like the most and enjoy a delicious mate!

Flavored yerbas mate

Flavored yerba has become very popular in recent years as an alternative to traditional mate. It brings freshness and variety of flavors to enjoy a rich mate from another perspective.

Organic yerbas mate

The production of organic yerba mate follows the principles of sustainable agriculture to achieve the conservation and fertility of the soil in the long term, and is supported by a certification and control system that begins with the cultivation and ends with the packaging of the product. Therefore, its consumption contributes to the environmental system.

Yerba mate beverages

Try a new way to enjoy yerba mate. This revitalizing beverage combines the earthy richness of yerba mate with refreshing botanicals for a delightful taste experience.

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