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Varieties of yerba mate

Yerba mate comes in several varieties, each with unique characteristics. Traditional yerba mate is balanced and smooth, while yerba mate with a stick provides a more intense flavor. Smooth yerba mate is ideal for beginners, while herbal yerba mate adds a refreshing herbal touch. The consumption of yerba mate has been spreading over the years and varieties have appeared for all tastes. Apart from its traditional presentation, we can find today flavored or flavored yerba and organic yerba. Its use is also very common in the infusion called mate cocido, which is a variety of yerba use in which it is consumed as a hot infusion such as tea or coffee without using a mate and a bombilla. Another widely consumed variety is the famous tereré, which is practically a traditional mate but with cold water, and generally with some fruit added to generate a unique and refreshing flavor.

Let’s see in detail below each of these 5 exquisite varieties of yerba mate

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Traditional yerba mate

The traditional mate is characterized by its balanced flavor and aroma. It is composed of dried and ground yerba mate leaves, without the addition of other ingredients. The traditional mate is distinguished by being mild in flavor, with a slight bitter and herbaceous touch. It is ideal for those who prefer a classic and authentic mate. It is the variety with the highest consumption and most accepted.

Flavored yerba mate

Flavored mate is a variant of the traditional yerba mate that has been supplemented with additional flavors. Some of the main characteristics of flavored mate include:

1- Assorted flavors: Flavored mate comes in a wide range of flavors, such as mint, tropical fruits, citrus, herbs, spices, among others.

2- Attractive aroma: Flavored mates usually have a distinctive and pleasant aroma, which complements the natural flavor of yerba mate.

3- Personalization: Each person can find one that fits their individual preferences. This allows you to customize the mate experience according to the tastes of each one.

4- Diversity of brands: There are numerous brands that offer flavored mates, which expands the options available in the market and provides the opportunity to try different combinations of flavors.

It is important to note that flavored mate may contain additional ingredients, such as natural or artificial extracts, that provide the desired flavors.

Organic yerba mate

Organic mate refers to yerba mate that is grown and processed following certified organic practices. Some of the main characteristics of organic mate are:

1- Cultivation without pesticides and chemical fertilizers: Organic mate is cultivated using natural and sustainable methods, avoiding the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Ecological balance is fostered and soil and water conservation is promoted.

2- Organic certification: The organic mate is backed by certifications that guarantee that it complies with the organic standards and regulations established by recognized organizations. This ensures that a responsible and environmentally friendly production process has been followed.

3- Free of genetically modified organisms (GMO): The organic mate is free of genetically modified ingredients. The preservation of biodiversity is promoted and the use of genetically altered seeds and plants is avoided.

4- Taste and quality: Organic mate is usually noted for its authentic and natural flavor, since it is grown in harmony with nature. In addition, special attention is paid to the quality of the raw material and the drying and grinding process.

Organic mate is a healthy and environmentally friendly option for those looking to enjoy the benefits of yerba mate in a sustainable way.

Mate cocido (Cooked)

Cocido mate is a practical and convenient way to enjoy the flavors and benefits of yerba mate. Unlike traditional mate, which is prepared in a gourd with hot water, cooked mate comes in the form of individual tea bags or bags that are soaked in hot water. Some of the main characteristics of cooked mate are:

1- Easy preparation: The use of a gourd or a bombilla is not required, which facilitates the preparation of the mate cocido. Simply submerge the mate bag in hot water for a few minutes and it is ready to enjoy.

2- Portability: The cooked mate is ideal to take with you anywhere, since the bags are easy to transport and use at any time. It’s a practical option for those who are on the go or don’t have access to traditional mate utensils.

3- Variety of flavors: As with flavored mate, cooked mate is also available in a wide variety of flavors, such as mint, fruit, and herbs, among others. This allows you to enjoy different options and experiment with new flavors.

4- Controlled infusion time: The recommended infusion time for cooked mate is usually short, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the flavor according to personal preferences.

Mate cocido is a practical and versatile alternative for those who want to enjoy the benefits and flavors of yerba mate in a quick and convenient way.


Tereré is a refreshing and traditional variant of yerba mate, especially popular in Paraguay. Unlike hot mate, tereré is prepared with cold water or fruit juice and consumed over ice. A guampa (a traditional container made of horn or wood) and a bombilla are used to drink the infusion. Some of the main characteristics of the tereré are:

1- Refreshing: Tereré is a refreshing drink, perfect for hot climates or hot days. Cold water or fruit juice combined with yerba mate provide a feeling of freshness and satisfaction.

2- Shared in groups: The tereré is a social activity in which several people meet to prepare and share the drink. The guampa and the bombilla are passed around in a gesture of camaraderie and friendship.

3- Infusion with herbs and fruits: In addition to yerba mate, tereré can be combined with medicinal herbs such as mint, boldo or lemon verbena, as well as slices of lemon, orange or mint, adding additional aromas and flavors.

4- Stimulating and invigorating: Despite being a cold drink, tereré continues to provide the energizing and stimulating benefits of yerba mate, helping to improve mood, increase concentration and provide an energy boost.

Tereré is a tradition rooted in Paraguayan culture and has spread to other regions where yerba mate is consumed. It is a refreshing and unique option to enjoy the benefits of yerba mate in a different and social way.

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