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Why we love mate?

Mate is that friend that always listen to you, the companion who doesn’t speak but talks in silence, who doesn’t care about the weather, if it is too cold or too hot or even if it is a pleasant day, it’s always by your side, that’s why we love mate.

Yerba mate is that particular ingredient that can vary in its flavor but not in its essence.
The mate and you complement each other, speak the same language, don’t even need to agree, you were borned agree.

Mate hug

When you start drinking mate at a young age you incorporate it as a part of your life, it’s like a necessary of the comunion with family, friends, meeting new people or just having a time on your own. In Argentina we use to say “Tomate un mate conmigo” (drink a mate with me) as a friendly way to invite someone to have a conversation and share a nice moment. It’s a part of the culture wich is growning exponentially. It is incredible how differents good customs grow and expand.

One of the most interesting thing about mate is that it doesn’t have an especific moment to drink it like others beverages. Some would prefer to drink it in the mornings, afternoon or even at night. In the same way, there’s not a correct place or correct weather to enjoy it, you could be in the winter warming yourself with a mate or drinking in summer contemplating the sea. This is probably why we associate mate with differents moments in our life and even when we fell that particular smell we relive situations in our lives.


Sharing love with mate and its contribution to the world

Beyond its social and health benefits, mate also plays a role in sustainable agriculture. Mate cultivation promotes biodiversity and sustainable farming practices, helping to preserve ecosystems and support local economies. By opting for mate, consumers can contribute to environmental conservation efforts while enjoying a delicious and eco-friendly beverage.

Additionally, mate has gained recognition for its economic contributions. The global popularity of mate has led to increased demand for the product, creating economic opportunities for mate-producing regions. From farmers and harvesters to exporters and retailers, the mate industry supports livelihoods and drives economic growth in communities around the world.

In conclusion, mate is much more than just a beverage—it’s a cultural icon that brings people together, promotes health and wellness, supports sustainable agriculture, and drives economic development. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with friends, mate continues to enrich lives and contribute to the fabric of society in countless ways. So next time you sip on a mate, remember the positive impact it has on both individuals and communities alike. Cheers to the many benefits of mate. We love you mate!

Loving mate

Why we love mate?

The faithful love we feel for mate transcends the entire world.

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